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Who We Are

We are a diverse team of individuals who share a common goal of prioritizing the best interests of our clients, ourselves, and our planet. Our unity stems from our shared values, which guide us in every endeavor we undertake.


Flow is a global human development consultancy operating in 9 countries and expanding and growing since 2003. We work with large clients with projects in Organizational Culture, Leadership, Talent Development (trainees and internships) and consultancy in the HR process .

We are in Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, England, Brazil, Spain and Malaysia.
Our goal has always been to create environments and solutions that contribute to a better quality of work and life. Our mission is to develop skills in people that help them meet challenges and gain greater maturity as professionals and individuals.


Flow Group in numbers

Our core values are authenticity, difference and partnership

9 Offices

Portugal, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Brazil, Mozambique, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Spain

10 Native Languages

Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Kazakh, and Changana

109 Consultants & Staff

Consultants and highly trained staff


About us


In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world we help individuals, leaders and whole organisations navigate the Chaos in 3 ways:
• How Change Works (Understanding the Change Cycle and how to lead & navigate in each phase)
• Working with Change…not against it (Leading in a Hybrid work environment; Developing Agility; Decision Making; Cultivating Resilience)
• Leading Others through Change (Dealing with Resistance; Maintaining Motivation; Engaging Stakeholders)

“There is nothing permanent except Change” – Heraclitus


Our approach to Leadership Development is based on the “Inside-Out” organic growth of a leader through 5 Realms. The Inside-Out evolution of a Leader flows naturally from one realm to the next, with each building upon and reinforcing the others. The 5 Realms follow the path of:
1. Lead Self
2. Lead 1-1 (Other)
3. Lead Team
4. Lead Change
5. Lead Innovation

“A leader shapes and shares a vision that gives point to the work of others” – Charles Handy


We define Resilience as that delicate balance between well-being and productivity. The good news is that there are very practical steps you can take to enhance resilience at every level. Through Resilience Engine research we share the top insights, barriers and enablers of resilience. This helps create the pathway for greater resilience building in individuals, teams and organisations. We help uncover:
• Key Enablers & Barriers of Resilience
• How to evaluate your own personal Resilience levels
• Keys for extending Resilience : Being; Energy; Purpose; Learning
• Sustainable ways to maintain Resilience

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it” – Helen Keller


As old hierarchical models dissolve, so the importance of Teams becomes primary and critical. While no two teams are ever the same, the principles that guide all team performance are immutable. We help teams uncover how to be most effective through :
• Creating the 5 Agreements (Where, Why, What, Who & How)
• Motivation and Engagement
• Staying effective in a Remote/Hybrid world
• Building Trust
• Resolving Conflict & Tension
• Managing Diversity
• Innovating constantly

“Our destiny is not written for us, it’s written by us” – Barack Obama


Your business culture is an intangible – you can’t see or touch it, but it has a concrete effect on everything ranging from attraction and retention of talent; to brand reputation; to productivity and well-being; to the bottom line. Most organisations don’t make the connection but we make the intangible practical & tangible by:
• Creating and then acting on Purpose & Values
• Measuring Effectiveness of current Culture
• How to transform from the Culture you have to the Culture you want
• Maintaining culture in a Remote world

“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker


The quality of our interactions with others greatly affects our results. The way in which we communicate with others at all levels is one of the key ingredients of success. We help improve communication in all its dimensions. The most popular areas include:
• Effective Collaboration
• Engaging key stakeholders
• Communicating and influencing in a Matrix / Hybrid / Remote world
• Giving & receiving Feedback
• Resolving Conflict
• Overcoming Resistance

“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has happened” – GB Shaw


High performance doesn’t just magically happen – it needs to be cultivated and carefully managed. Our approach to helping manage performance ongoing includes:
• How to agree Goals & Standards
• Hosting Difficult Conversations
• Giving Feedback skilfully
• Maintaining Motivation
• Overcoming reluctance to intervene

“Wow I’m so excited for my performance review today!” Said no one ever.


The single best way to become better is through Coaching. Not only do we coach our clients but we teach the best of what we know so that clients can coach. The core elements of great coaching include:
• The Chemistry Test – matching the coach to the coachee
• Beginning with the End
• How to be truly Present
• Listening beyond the Situation • Better Questions, Better Answers
• Directive Vs Supportive : when & how

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates


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